What is a HIAB? Hydrauliska Industri AB

What is a HIAB? Hiab is actually a brand name. In other words, it’s an abbreviation of the full name of the company Hydrauliska Industri AB that manufactures this type of hydraulic crane. It’s a word that has become common place in the haulage industry when referring to a lorry mounted crane, truck mounted crane, crane lorry, mounted cranes or lorry loader body. The HIAB company is currently owned by the Cargotec Corporation.

These vehicles are made up of a truck and crane combined in one vehicle and help to load and unload trucks by using the vehicle engine to power the hydraulics of the crane as it’s lifting equipment. The beauty of these vehicles is that they can transport goods to site as well as lift them on and off the truck which can often reduce the need for a separate mobile crane. 

There are two common types of HIAB loader cranes.

Rigid HIAB – A rigid Hiab is a vehicle or lorry which is a made up of the truck, trailer and lorry mounted crane all in one rigid structure. Known as a crane lorry in the UK.

Articulated HIAB – An artic Hiab is a vehicle or lorry which is made up of a truck with the lorry mounted crane situated behind the cab. These trucks can move around unit only or can pull a variety of trailers.

hiab cranes
HIAB cranes

How much does truck mounted HIAB hire cost?

Wondering how much the cost of hiring a hiab is? Our transport fleet operate within an industry where overheads are high (think expensive trucks and services, highly trained operators, road tax and rising fuel cost).

Factors that influence hiab hire and transport prices include: 

Distance and time

Types of vehicles required

Flexibility and range to get the job done

What you get in the price:

Highly trained crane operatives

Quality, up to date equipment

Planning and tracking of jobs

Comprehensive Company Goods in Transit Insurance 

What can you lift with a HIAB?

Our experienced crane operatives (ALLMI trained) can haul a variety of heavy objects, using our hiab lorry loaders, including but not limited to:

Lifting all sizes of containers

Movement of site accommodation

Lifting generators and compressors

Industrial machinery, e.g forklifts and mounted forklifts

Cranes and crane parts

Industrial materials


Wheeled plant machinery

Hot tubs

Large kitchen pieces e.g pizza ovens

Mobile homes/static caravans

crane hire
HIAB cranes

How much weight can a HIAB lift?

Our Cormach 65000 E6 truck mounted crane can lift up to 15 tonnes (up to 4m in reach) through to 3.2 tonnes at full reach (14 metres). You can download the full crane specs here.

What about containers?

Phelan Haulage can safely transport a container for you, with or without the use of a HIAB crane. Container moving and hire by crane and road in the North East of England.


A standard container moving truck with a skeletal trailer will move your container, which can carry a combination of one 40′ container or two 20′ containers or a single 20′ container. This is the best option if you are able to safely lift the container off the truck yourselves (if the container is to be left with you or using your cranes) or if you can safely load the container whilst it sits on the back of the truck (in a few hours) before the container is then taken directly to a port or container terminal which is equipped to lift off the shipping container. Ordinarily the driver will wait with the truck whilst you load the container and they will drive direct to port (or final destination) once loaded.


HIAB crane equipped vehicle is used to deliver and lift off your container. These have a single crane arm. They are more expensive per mile to run that a truck without a crane attached but they are generally much cheaper than arranging a separate crane to to lift off your container. These hiab trucks have a single delivery arm and typically want to deliver the container to either side of the truck.

Need HIAB hire? The search is over, contact Phelan Haulage for HIAB solutions today.

Located in the North East of England, our hydraulic lifting cranes services operate in the surrounding areas of Tyne and Wear, Our haulage fleet regularly cover this range as well as the entire UK and Ireland on request.

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