Introduction – What Is A HIAB Driver?

What is a HIAB driver? A HIAB driver is someone who loads, transports and offloads goods from a vehicle that has a lorry-mounted crane attached. If your work is going to involve loading and offloading goods from a vehicle that has a lorry-mounted crane attached, you will need a HIAB training licence, also sometimes referred to as an ALLMI Certificate.

This is an essential qualification for many people driving in the construction industry, for example moving shipping containers, or delivering large machinery and other goods to domestic and commercial premises. HIAB is in fact just one of a number of lorry-mounted crane brands. Others include Atlas, Fassi and Palfinger. ALLMI is the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers and an ALLMI certificate will enable you to use all different kinds of lorry-mounted crane. Another certification that is available is the ITSSAR qualification.

In this post we will discuss what a HIAB driver is and how you can train to become one! In the past, drivers of vehicles with lorry-mounted cranes used to be required to have a general vehicle licence. Now, this has changed and in order to operate a crane on a goods vehicle, they must hold an ALLMI Certificate. This HIAB training qualification is usually delivered through training companies like Highway Logistics.

Lorry Loader / HIAB Training

Qualification as a HIAB driver can be gained through various training companies. Successful completion of this would entail completing an assessment to prove your competence. There is also an opportunity to undertake a practical test at a later date for those who find it difficult to complete the assessment.

There are other qualities that are necessary in order to work as a HIAB driver. For example, good interpersonal skills, good health and fitness levels, commitment and reliability, and knowledge of how to operate machinery such as cranes

What is an ALLMI certificate? ALLMI Training

In order to operate a crane on a goods vehicle, one has to hold an ALLMI Certificate. ALLMI is short for the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers. An ALLMI certificate allows a driver to operate any crane on a goods vehicle, regardless of what type it is. There are two types of ALLMI Certificates: the traditional Foundation Certificate and the Modernised (Basic) Certificate.

The Foundation Certificate lasts for six years, whilst the Basic one lasts for four. An ALLMI Foundation certificate can be gained by completing an assessment, which can take between three and six months to complete; the professional fee for this is around £450. The ALLMI Basic certificate could be attained through what was known as the Modernised Stage 1 training course. This would involve four days of training over a period of four weeks. You will learn about what a HIAB Driver is and what the operating tasks are.

In order to complete this course, you would need to be 18 years of age or older and have a valid Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You would also require full health and eyesight clearance, an enhanced DBS disclosure certificate, a European Standard CESE Safety Certificate, and hold a full UK driving licence.

Successfully completing the training course will result in you being awarded with an ALLMI HIAB Driver qualification, which lasts for four years. Additionally, you would be able to gain an apprenticeship in order to further your career. This certificate is very important if you wish to work as a HIAB driver as it is required by law.

HIAB Training – What You Will Learn

You will be instructed on:

  • Legislation
  • Introduction to the loader crane
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Operator maintenance
  • Lifting equipment / attachments
  • Siting the loader crane
  • Deployment of stabiliser legs
  • Use of controls
  • Preparing the loader crane for Use
  • Operating the loader crane
  • Stowing procedures
ALLMI Training

Skills need to be a good HIAB driver / Operate a mounted crane

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good health and fitness levels
  • Commitment and reliability
  • Knowledge of how to operate machinery, such as truck mounted loader cranes.

What Is what the average salary for a Hiab Driver job?

In the UK, the average HIAB driver makes £28,000 salary.


A HIAB is a type of lorry-mounted crane that can be used to lift heavy objects. To operate it, you must hold what’s known as the HIAB Driver qualification or ALLMI Certificate which is issued by The Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers (ALLMI). These training qualifications are usually delivered through training companies like Highway Logistics.

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