Need to transport a very long abnormal load?

Phelan Haulage can transport abnormal loads up to a 36m stretch using our Radio Controlled Urban Rear Steer Trailer manufactured by Broshuis. See this type of trailer in action below.

Broshuis Flatbed Trailer

A major advantage of a hydraulically controlled Broshuis flatbed trailer is that it comes standard with automatic rear steering equipped with the ‘Pilot Steering Module’. As a unique expansion for normal rear steering, this smart module makes it easier for you to reach places that are difficult to access. By switching one handle for the ‘Pilot Steering Module’ you can isolate the steering movements of the bogie from the steering movements of the truck.

This makes it easy to control the bogie of the trailer with the remote control separately, without being affected by the steering movements of the truck. In this way, the control of the bogie not only reacts much more directly, but also stronger (+42%). Furthermore, the movements can be controlled more precisely.