Utilizing the many uses of a HIAB Crane

In the world of heavy lifting, few pieces of machinery are as versatile and reliable as a HIAB crane, here we ask what are the many uses of a HIAB crane? This type of machinery is known for its ability to lift heavy objects and transport them from one location to another with relative ease. Whether you’re in construction or simply need to move something large, a HIAB crane can be an invaluable tool. Let’s take a look at the uses for this powerful piece of equipment.

Heavy Lifting and Transporting Objects

The most obvious use for a HIAB crane is lifting and transporting heavy objects from one place to another. This type of crane is capable of lifting up to 90 tons, so it can easily handle any job that requires moving large items like concrete blocks, steel girders, or other materials. Additionally, many HIAB cranes are designed with hydraulic stabilizers that make it easier to balance even the heaviest items while they’re being moved.

Construction Projects

HIAB cranes can be used to move large objects into place on construction sites. From large beams to heavy machinery, they can lift just about anything that needs to be moved around quickly and efficiently. They are also great for moving materials like sand and gravel over long distances or even up several stories. In addition to their lifting capabilities, they can also rotate 360 degrees, making them ideal for tight spaces where manoeuvrability is key.

Carrying Long Pieces of Materials

Another use for this type of crane is carrying long pieces of material such as telecoms antennas, steel beams, pipes and more obscure things such as small buildings or huts. Because these types of materials are often too cumbersome for traditional equipment, having a HIAB crane on-site can be incredibly helpful in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. With its adjustable length arms and telescopic boom, this type of machinery is perfectly suited for carrying long pieces from point A to point B.

Loading/Unloading Shipping Containers

Finally, if you need to move shipping containers full of goods from one location to another, then a HIAB crane may be just what you need. These cranes feature adjustable arms that are designed specifically for loading/unloading containers onto trucks or other vehicles without damaging them in the process. Whether you’re moving cargo around the country or across town, having access to this type of machinery can make all the difference when it comes time to get things loaded up and ready to go.


In conclusion, having access to a reliable HIAB crane can be invaluable when it comes time to lift heavy objects or move bulky materials from one place to another. From carrying long pieces of material to unloading freight containers full of goods, this type of machinery offers versatility and reliability that no other piece equipment can match. If you find yourself needing help with those types of jobs on your next project, don’t hesitate—renting out a HIAB crane could be just what you need!

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