Abnormal Load Transport UK

Need abnormal load transport in the UK? Last week Phelan Haulage completed another specialist haul of two massive Northumberland Hut shepherd style cabins, using our fleet of HIAB crane assisted vehicles. We’re no stranger to moving these shepherd cabins, you can see previous moves herehere and here.

You’ll find a photo gallery from the move below.

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Specialist Crane Assisted Transport

Phelan Haulage is located in the North East of England and serves the entire of the UK and Ireland with quick response, covering all aspects of road haulage. We are conveniently located in Washington and operate a 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service. This means we can respond immediately to customers requirements. Phelan Haulage specialise in the movement of abnormal loads across the UK & Ireland utilising the very latest equipment and HIAB cranes to make any task as simple as possible.

What Can We Lift?

Our Cormach 65000 E6 crane can lift up to 15 tonnes (up to 4m in reach) through to 3.2 tonnes at full reach (14 metres). It has full 360 degree movement to tackle all different types of work. You can download the full crane specs here.

Our Palfinger PK62000 EH crane can reach 16.1 meters at 2650 Ton. It has full 360 degree movement to tackle all different types of work. You can download the crane specs here (Crane/Diagram E).

Our Fassi 800 crane is rated 80 ton meters and can safely lift 3.8 tonnes at full reach of 16 metres. Combined with our Scania Tractor unit with front hydraulic legs we can complete full over-the-cab, 360 lifting requirements. Download the crane specs here.


General haulage of loads including STGO category 2 special type loads up to 80 tonnes using our new Volvo and DAF trucks. This includes wide, abnormal and hazardous loads using a comprehensive range of trailers and equipment. For a full list of our services, see here.

Phelan Haulage can transport abnormal loads up to a length of 36m using our Radio Controlled Urban Rear Steer Trailer manufactured by Broshuis. See this type of trailer in action here.

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