Scania Tractor Unit + Fassi 800 Crane: The Latest Addition To Phelan Haulage

The latest addition to the Phelan Haulage fleet is our Scania Tractor Unit and Fassi 800 (monster!) Crane. Our Fassi 800 crane is rated 80 ton meters and can safely lift 3.8 tonnes at full reach of 16 metres.

Combined with our Scania Tractor unit with front hydraulic legs we can complete full over-the-cab, 360 lifting requirements. See it in in action here:

Fassi knuckle boom heavy-duty cranes

Fassi has revolutionised the traditional idea of heavy-weight knuckle boom crane, to be installed on 3 or 4-axle trucks. These cranes stand out for their ability to combine exceptional lifting performance with a machine body that reduces structural dimensions to a minimum and aims at limiting tare weight. This is possible thanks to the use of special materials, first among which are the extremely high elasticity steels which, while they ensure formidable levels of resistance, also make it possible to optimise weight. This is why Fassi is able to offer a crane “without compromise”.
Naturally, particular care is given to reliability, although this has to be reconciled with dynamics, which are an integral part of the very concept of hydraulic cranes.

Download the crane specs here.


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