The Transportation of Wide Loads – Challenges and Solutions

Transporting wide loads by road poses a unique set of challenges, not least of which is the fact that wide loads can cause traffic disruption and potential danger if they are not handled safely. In this blog post, we will discuss the common issues surrounding moving wide loads, as well as the solutions that have been developed to address these issues.

Transporting wide loads by road poses a unique set of challenges, such as cause traffic disruption and potential danger. Phelan Haulage can safely move wide loads around the UK with ease. Call us on 07541224207 today.

Challenges Posed By Wide Loads

The most obvious challenge posed by wide loads is their size. They are often too big to fit through standard tunnels or under bridges, meaning they need to be transported either around such obstacles or on specially designed routes. Additionally, they may require police escorts or special permits due to their large size and potential for traffic disruption. As a result, transporting them can be more time consuming than transporting smaller items.

Another challenge posed by wide load transportation is safety. Since these loads are often unstable due to their heavy weight and/or awkward shape, it’s important that proper precautions be taken when loading and unloading them from vehicles in order to prevent accidents or injury. Finally, there is the issue of cost; since wide load transportation requires special vehicles and trained personnel, it can cost more than regular freight transport services.

Solutions To Transporting Wide Loads

Fortunately, there are several solutions available for those looking to transport wide loads safely and efficiently. One common solution is to use specialised vehicles with adjustable decks that can accommodate larger items. This solution eliminates the need for custom-built routes as well as police escorts in many cases, thus saving time and money while still providing safe transport for your goods.

Another way to address the challenges associated with moving wide loads is with cargo insurance policies specifically designed for this purpose; these policies ensure that you will be protected in case of an accident or other unexpected event during your shipment’s transit period. Finally, working with experienced logistics companies such as Phelan Haulage can help you determine the best route for your shipment while ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations along the way.

Transporting Wide Loads With Phelan Haulage

Moving wide loads can be a tricky business due to their size, weight and shape making them potentially unstable during transit as well as difficult (and costly) to route around obstacles like tunnels or bridges. Fortunately there are several solutions available such as using specialised vehicles with adjustable decks, obtaining cargo insurance policies tailored towards these shipments and working with experienced logistics companies who know how best navigate any legal hurdles along the journey of these oversized items from point A to point B safely and securely. With some diligence on behalf of the transporter these large shipments can move with ease!

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