Top Tips When Using A Mobile Crane Hire Company

For businesses needing to use a mobile crane for any number of the different jobs that may require one – it is crucial to consider key factors before they hire from any crane hire company.

There are a huge number of different businesses that may need to hire a mobile crane. An obvious example could be a construction company who is using the equipment as part of a development project. However, often not considered are companies such as exterior commercial cleaning businesses – many of which need mobile cranes or cherry pickers to reach higher levels of a building when cleaning.

What all of these businesses will have in common, however, is that they will have carefully surveyed and assessed their options when selecting a mobile crane hire company. So, as experts in this field – we’re going to detail exactly what you should consider paying careful attention to when comparing the different mobile crane hire companies in your area.

Which Type Of Mobile Crane Is Going To Be Best Suited For The Task At Hand?

image of an industrial mobile crane

The first critical factor which a business needs to consider before it hires a mobile crane is picking a type that is going to be most useful to their specific project. Whilst you will have some idea on the exact specifications that will be needed in terms of maximum weight etc. there are still many other variables which should be taken into consideration.


Where is the job going to be located? This will determine exactly which kind of mobile crane unit is going to be best. For example, it could be that heavy loads need to be lifted directly from transport into higher levels of a construction site. If this is the case, then a mobile crane may work. However, a HIAB crane can be incredibly effective at this kind of job. They are specifically designed to transport the load and then be able to lift directly from the bed of the truck with a crane that is attached to the cab – meaning you only need to hire one vehicle instead of two.


Just how high up does the crane need to reach? Different models and types of mobile cranes will have different levels of reach and having these specifications matched against the pans for your business’ project will be vital in selecting the correct mobile crane.

Safety & Risk Assessments

image of qualified operator managing the unloading of goods from a HIAB crane

A recent study found that there are around 249 serious injuries caused by poorly operating mobile cranes each year. As with any type of project which requires the use of heavy machinery and plant equipment. Using mobile cranes means there will be some risk.

That is why it is essential when you are looking at using a mobile crane hire company – that you properly assess their competency. Be sure that you check the companies you are dealing with are able to demonstrate their levels of training.

At Phelan Haulage all of our mobile crane operators have valid and up to date insurance as well as having received ALLMI lorry loader training and accreditation. 

Vehicle Quality & Service History

Following on from ensuring that the operatives are in the best possible position to provide assistance on your project. You should also consider the quality of the vehicles themselves and their service history.

Your company’s Hired-In Plant Insurance will not cover machinery that has been damaged as a result of your work, and therefore hiring a mobile crane from a plant hire company which does not keep its vehicles in top condition could cause many more problems for the business in the long-term.

Again, at Pherlan Haulage, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and safest of services to every single one of our clients and to complete every project safely and quickly, we employ our new Volvo trucks and Cormach/Fassi HIAB cranes.

Contracts & Terms

image of hiring agreement

Hiring in any equipment from a heavy plant provider will mean that your business will have to enter into a hiring agreement with them. These can differ for different haulage and plant providers, so having an understanding of all of the different terms and conditions within the hiring agreement is going to be crucial.

If you are unsure on any of the terms listed in the hiring agreement then be sure to reach out to the hiring company for clarification. You can also speak with other crane hire professionals that will have the knowledge at their disposal to assist you with better understanding the inner workings of any of the conditions within the hiring agreement.

Does The Crane Hire Company Offer Site Visits In Advance

Something that may not be necessary, especially if you’re an experienced company, who have hired mobile cranes in the past. However, some crane hire companies will perform site visits prior to dispatching their equipment.

Sometimes this can be for them to check the conditions which they will be sending their heavy plant equipment into. However, these visits can be incredibly useful as you can often ask for their experience and input on any queries you have for how the crane needs to be used on your job.

image of calculating a budget

Your Budgets & The Mobile Crane Company’s Pricing

Last, but by no means least, you will inevitably need to consider the price of hiring a mobile crane from your preferred company. Many projects which are going to require such equipment to be completed, will naturally have strict budgets on material and equipment costs.

You’ll no doubt need to factor in quotes from multiple different suppliers then compare these with how they stand in meeting all of the different points that we have listed above in this article.

Price can sometimes be the deciding factor between working with one provider and working with another. Although, it should always be noted that you shouldn’t sacrifice quality in the key areas just to stay within a stringent budget. Always try to make the best decision for your business and its project.


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