Northwest Passage Expedition Vessel Transported By HIAB

Another specialist task for Phelan Haulage last week to transport by HIAB, one of the Northwest Pass Expedition vessels to be kitted out for it’s up-and-coming journey.

In 2022 an international the team of adventurers and ocean rowers will attempt to row the Northwest Passage, the arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans considered the Last Great First. This expedition is only possible because the regions climate is changing, and the sea ice is retreating each year gradually opening the route from July to September.  

The teams highlight of 2021 was acquiring two ice class expedition boats, and in the summer rowing one from Newcastle upon Tyne to Orkney, with eight of the team on board. Phelan Haulage were on hand to assist in launching the vessel Hermione into the River Tyne in July 2021. Unfortunately, COVID-19 prevented the whole crew getting together in the UK with travel restrictions effecting their teammates in South Africa and the USA. The team are excited to finally be united, hopefully very soon for the expedition of our time!

We wish them the best of luck! You can see a few photos of the lift and haul here.

Northwest Passage Expedition

The Northwest Passage Expedition are a team of ocean rowers and explorers attempting pone of the world’s “last great firsts” in a true test of human achievement and endeavour – an attempt to row the Northwest Passage in a single season.

The expedition will follow the 3,700km arctic route from Baffin Island, Canada, to Point Barrow, Alaska and will draw attention to the changing environment, collecting meaningful data for climate scientists at New York University and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. 

Need Transport By HIAB?

Our experienced crane operatives can lift and haul a variety of heavy objects, using our long reach and heavy load HIAB lorry loaders, including but not limited to:

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  • Boats
  • Wheeled plant machinery
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  • Mobile homes/static caravans

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