Do you need an intermodal shipping container moving?

Phelan Haulage can safely transport an intermodal container for you, with or without the use of a HIAB crane. Container moving and hire in the North East of England.


A standard container moving truck with a skeletal trailer will move your container, which can carry a combination of one 40′ container or two 20′ containers or a single 20′ container. You would be responsible for the off loading of on delivery. This is the cheapest method (per mile) to move a shipping container. This is also the best option if you are able to safely lift the container off the truck yourselves (if the container is to be left at the site) or if you can safely load the container whilst it sits on the back of the truck (in a few hours) before the container is then taken directly to a port or container terminal which is equipped to lift off the shipping container. Ordinarily the driver will wait with the truck whilst you load the container and they will drive direct to port (or final destination) once loaded.


HIAB crane equipped vehicle is used to deliver and lift off your container. These have a single crane arm. They are more expensive per mile to run that a truck without a crane attached but they are generally much cheaper than arranging a separate crane to to lift off your container. These hiab trucks have a single delivery arm and typically want to deliver the container to either side of the truck.

What is an intermodal shipping container

Intermodal containers are designed and built for intermodal freight transport. They are designed to be used across different modes of transport without unloading and reloading their cargo. They come in a wide range of sizes that are 8 feet (2.4 m) wide and 20 feet (6.1 or 12.2 m) standard length. In 2010 containers accounted for 60% of the world’s seaborne trade. There were about 20.5 million containers in the world of varying types to suit different cargoes.

Why you should use them

Intermodal containers have revolutionised the haulage industry’s operational standards. Their standardised nature helps to control operational hassle, providing a significant reduction in time and cost.

Types of intermodal shipping container

What is an ISO container?

ISO containers are widely used in shipping and are airtight. Each type of intermodal container has specific dimensions (height, weight, length, length and payload). They are very different from other types of containers because they are completely airtight. There are two standard types of ISO containers : 20-foot container and 40-foot containers.

Open top containers

Open top containers are used to transport large items that are too heavy for manual handling. The opening of an open top container is smaller than the container’s interior. This means less room for manoeuvring when loading cargo through the top of the container. A 20 ft container has a maximum load of approximately 28 metric tons, while a 40 ft container can hold up to 30 metric tons. This type of container is used to load large items too heavy or cannot fit into a standard dry storage container.

Refrigerated shipping containers

Refrigerated shipping containers have temperature-sensitive, perishable cargo. They must be connected to an external power source to keep temperature between -35oC and 15oC. Reefer containers generally come in 20 ft, 40 ft and are made of weathering steel known as COR-TEN steel. They are also available in High Cube (approx. 1 ft extra height compared to basic models) and are commonly made in 20ft and 40 ft.

Open side containers

Open side container are only available in a new or “one-trip” condition. They are also available in 20ft and 40ft containers. Bi-fold doors on one of the side walls give access to one side. The main difference is the additional bi-fold door to help load and unload oversized items. They are also available in two different sizes (20ft and 30ft) and High Cube – a £200,000 version of the same product that has an extra height of 1ft.

Dry storage containers

A dry storage container is the most commonly used intermodal container. This type of container is completely airtight and is not equipped with cooling nor ventilation systems. Dry storage container sizes range in 20ft, 40 ft, and 10 ft. The container sizes are also available in High Cube (approximately 1 ft extra height compared to basic models).

Tank containers

Tankers are used for transporting liquids, gasses and powders as bulk cargo. They are made of steel or other anti-corrosive materials. Tank containers must be at least 80% full to prevent surging of liquids in transit. Tankers must not be over 95% full or there would not be enough room for thermal expansion in the tank. tank containers are only available in 20ft containers with capacity to hold liquid materials.

Flat rack containers

Flat rack containers have collapsible sides that can be folded to make a flat rack. The containers are especially suitable for heavy loads such as heavy machinery, pipes and construction materials. Flat racks come in 20 ft and 40 ft containers and come in sizes 18 ft and 20 ft in length of container sizes. Flat rack containers are mainly manufactured from steel.

Intermodal containers for storage

Intermodal shipping containers are used for storage, either on private premises or in storage facilities. They can be found wherever there is space and a solid foundation that is found in a storage facility with multiple shipping containers. Of course, the amount of storage space that you have depends on the size of the container, but a 40ft shipping container can hold an entire three-bedroom house’s items. You can normally hire a shipping container at a facility or buy it for yourself if you have a more permanent use for it.


Phelan Haulage offers containers for hire or rent. We have 20ft, 40ft shipping containers and storage containers for static storage. 

Whatever your temporary storage requirements, we stock a selection of standard sized storage containers available for hire. Whether it’s for commercial use such as site accommodation & container offices or domestic use, container hire is a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of projects. No matter what your storage requirements, our container hire service can help. With options available for long or short-term lease, and new and used storage containers for rent, you are given full flexibility over your storage solution.

We hire out containers to various business sectors including shop fitters, construction sites, retail and education. We also hold stock of all standard sized shipping containers at our depot. With Phelan Haulage, you’ll have a wide variety of containers available to rent, including 20ft containers, refrigerated container conversions and 40 ft container high cube alternatives.


  1. We need a flatbed truck for transporting a 40’ custom built shipping container (estimated 7.5ton) with HIAB. Collection will be from Bootle Depot, Units B & C, Pacific Road, Merseyside, L20 4DW to Production Park, Wakefield, WF9 3NR

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