Specialist lifting and HIAB reach

Need specialist lifting and wondering how far can a HIAB reach? Here we discuss the capabilities of our fleet along with the largest HIAB crane available. You can also download our full crane specs below.

What’s a HIAB?

For those of us within the industry the word HIAB is synonymous with ‘loader crane’ but what does the word stand for and what does it actually mean?

HIAB is an acronym. In other words, it’s an abbreviation of the full name of the company Hydrauliska Industri AB that manufactures this type of hydraulic crane. In fact, the word HIAB is often used to define any type of truck mounted or mounted crane by any manufacturer much in the same way as the word ‘Jacuzzi’ is commonly used to describe any make of hot tub.

How far can a HIAB reach?

Phelan Haulage’s Cormach 65000 E6 crane can lift up to 15 tonnes (up to 4m in reach) through to 3.2 tonnes at full reach (14 metres). It has full 360 degree movement to tackle all different types of work. You can download the full crane specs here.

Our Palfinger PK62000 EH crane can reach 16.1 meters at 2650 Ton. It has full 360 degree movement to tackle all different types of work. You can download the crane specs here (Crane/Diagram E).

What is the largest HIAB crane?

HIAB’s largest crane is the X-HiPro 1058, a knuckle boom crane rated at 90 tonne-metres. Horizontal outreach is 34.5 metres with a jib, and up to 38 m vertically.

X-HiPro 1058
X-HiPro 1058

This crane features a load stability system (LSS) fitted for faster and smoother operation and it offers pinpoint precision, even at full outreach. In addition, if a control lever is quickly released, the system dampens lifting movements, helping to protect the cargo and the surrounding environment from potential damage.

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