Container Logistics by Phelan Haulage

This week Phelan Haulage carried out container logistics for a beasty new outdoor project by The Apartment Group in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (the weather wasn’t half bad too). TAG are owners and operators of venues including As You Like It in Jesmond and and a string of Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Northumberland leisure venues. “Beach Box” is reopening on April 12 and will be bigger and better than ever before. This is going to be good!

You can see a few photos of the containers being installed below.

Do you need a container moving?

Phelan Haulage can safely transport a container for you, with or without the use of a HIAB crane. Container moving and hire in the North East of England. Get in touch today for all container logistics.


A standard container moving truck with a skeletal trailer will move your container, which can carry a combination of one 40′ container or two 20′ containers or a single 20′ container. You would be responsible for the off loading of on delivery. This is the cheapest method (per mile) to move a shipping container. This is also the best option if you are able to safely lift the container off the truck yourselves (if the container is to be left at the site) or if you can safely load the container whilst it sits on the back of the truck (in a few hours) before the container is then taken directly to a port or container terminal which is equipped to lift off the shipping container. Ordinarily the driver will wait with the truck whilst you load the container and they will drive direct to port (or final destination) once loaded.


HIAB crane equipped vehicle is used to deliver and lift off your container. These have a single crane arm. They are more expensive per mile to run that a truck without a crane attached but they are generally much cheaper than arranging a separate crane to to lift off your container. These hiab trucks have a single delivery arm and typically want to deliver the container to either side of the truck.


  1. Hi,
    Looking for collection from NE20 9QL, temporary storage and delivery, at a yet to be confirmed date, to Ireland. It would need a HIAB for both collection and delivery. Collection date is time critical as property where the container is currently placed will be sold.

    Is this something you could undertake?

    Regards, Ewan

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